Nutcote enters the Museum Dance Off 2017

May Gibbs’ Nutcote is participating in the world wide competition, Museum Dance Off 2017.

Please find our video here – (youtube)

or here on Vimeo

Last years winner was Museum Victoria. This year 41 Museums from around the world have entered.

Voting starts on the 17th of April New York time (which is 10 p.m. Sydney time) and goes for 24 hours. The first round is between Australia and New Zealand Museums and then if we get through the first round the final International round is May 8.

Why did we enter?

Simply because it is a fun thing to do, everyone who participated said they had such fun. It showcases how charming Nutcote is to the world and we may get some press from this in Australia.

How can you vote for Nutcote?

On Easter Monday 17 April from 10 pm (Sydney time) log onto the website to vote in the poll. Voting lasts 24 hours.

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